Божић  Ивањдан

The reconstruction of practices, which is held throughout the calendar year, shows the manner in which the population of this region marked important religious and folk holidays. One can see layers of folk beliefs, i.e. the interweaving of Christian and pagan elements that permeated everyday life of Serbian peasants. The museum reconstructs the customs associated with Christmas (January 7), Easter (moveable feast), Ascension Day (moveable feast), St. Vitus Day (June 28), St. John’s Day (July 7) and St. Peter’s Day (July12).

Покретни жбун и прича о лековитом биљу  Свадба

St. Peter's Day Reconstruction 12/07/2014 (All day) Customs
St. John's Eve Reconstruction (tea party) 07/07/2014 (All day) Customs
St. Vitus Day Reconstruction 28/06/2014 (All day) Customs
Ascension Day Reconstruction 29/05/2014 (All day) Customs
School of painting Easter eggs 17/04/2014 (All day) to 18/04/2014 (All day) Customs